Reference Letter

Hereby, our company expresses gratitude to SPC Geoken LLP for rendered supervisor services during execution of engineering-geological investigations before construction of Zhambyl #1 (ZB-1) and Zhetysu #1 (ZT-1) exploration wells.
We would like to note the high professional level of supervisors in work coordination of all agencies and service companies involved into execution of engineering-geological investigations.
Offshore production-methodological supervision of engineering-geological investigations was carried out with the usage of up-to-date methods and technologies.
Making suggestions to the Client as per changes in technical specification promoted speeding-up and economy of the operation process complying with production safety and HSE rules.
Considering our collaboration experience, we recommend SPC Geoken LLP as high professional partner in rendering services on engineering-geological investigations and control for their execution.

Acting General Director Kh.Yelevsinov Feb 20. 2012

Zhambyl Petroleum LLP