Maersk Oil Kazakhstan GmbH has been working with Scientific Production Center “Geoken” from year 2011. Our cooperation started from developing Geodinamic Monitoring Program for Dunga field, and construction of geodynamic polygon.

In 2014-2015 Geoken carried out geodynamic survey on the Dunga field, including II class levelling survey, high-precision GNSS observations and gravimetric measurements twice a year. Currently geodynamic monitoring works are ongoing.

All field measurments have been made using high-precision hardware and software package that includes automated gravity meters CG5 Autograv, digital level equipment Leica DNA03, multifrequency receivers Trimble R7 and R5, high-precision antenna of GNSS and GNSS-Ti Choke Ring type, specialized software packages Trimble Business Center, Topcon Tools, ArcGIS, MapINFO, Surfer, Grapher and others.

All the above, as well as professional skills of Geoken specialists, compliance with requirements and work instructions have ensured accuracy of field observations within the limits allowed for geodynamic survey.

In February – March 2016, Geoken performed geotechnical survey on the Dunga field for construction of oil field facilities at two lacations. The works are done in full within best delivery time and at professional level, and delivred the works according to the schedule defined by Maersk Oil Kazakhstan Gmbh.

During our joint work, Geoken showed itself as a partner who sticks to the principles of quality, punctuality, reliability and safety at work. We can recommend Geoken as a reliable business partner.

Yours sincerely

On behalf of MaerskJDil Kazakhstan GmbH

Dauren Nurgaliyev Senior Surveyor