Subject: Airborne magnetic and radiometric survey on Tortkuduk and Muyunkum ore deposits (Republic of Kazakhstan) for Katco JV LLP mining company in 2014.

I undersign, Anne-Laure TENSI, Geophysicist, certify that GEOKEN conducted on behalf of KATCO JV LLP an airborne magnetic and radiometric survey over a large block on KATCO JV LLP licenses.
The campaign consisted of a survey on one large block covering a total surface of 1184 km² at a line spacing of 500 m and two smaller blocks covering a surface of 45 km² each over Muyunkum and Tortkuduk ore deposit areas at a line spacing of 250 m (Southern Kazakhstan Province – Republic of Kazakhstan). The campaign was conducted between October and November 2014.

GEOKEN prepared the preliminary data for the survey, the airborne survey (including all permission and dispensations requests from local authorities), the mobilization of the staff and of the equipment, the calibrations and airborne data acquisitions. GEOKEN also supplied data quality controls, corrected data, intermediate and final products as well as all means of operation and maintenance necessary to complete the services as specify in the contract.

A constructive dialogue was established with GEOKEN during all the survey and the processing of the data. Communications were exchanged through: i) progress reports (during the airborne surveys), ii) preliminary reports and iii) final report. We also noted the professionalism of GEOKEN staff that was keen to do the work in compliance with safety standards imposed by Katco and AREVA Mines and repeated flights to meet specifications defined in the contract. All documents and results were provided in the contract requirements.
For all these reasons, AREVA Mines recommends GEOKEN without any restrictions.

Paris, November the 26th, 2015.

Anne-Laure TENSI