Reference Letter

By this letter, our company expresses gratitude to SPC Geoken LLP for qualitative execution in 2014 of bathymetry and magnetometric surveys along projected cargo & transport channel to Prorva in Northern Part of the Caspian Sea, including surveying with Multi Beam and Single Beam Echo Sounders, Marine Magnetometer, processing and interpretation of acquired data (General Client ГСО company, FGP project).
With full responsibility we can recommend SPC Geoken as a reliable and long-term partner. Working with SPC Geoken quite a long period we would like to underline high level of professionalism of the team, compliance with all obligations and culture of daily business communication.
Considering our long-term collaboration experience, we recommend SPC Geoken Company as highly professional and reliable partner in rendering bathymetric, magnetometric and tiydrographic survey services.

Executive Director “КАРЕ” LLP                          A.M. Autoreiv                 Feb 25. 2015