Marine surveys

Marine Surveys

• Engineering geological surveys
• Marine gravimagnetic survey
• Hydrographic studies of any complexity
• Sea bottom survey with sidescan sonar
• Seismic and acoustic surveys of sea solid bottom geological structure
• Rig Move (navigation support in relocation of offshore drilling platforms)
• ROV survey (subwater video inspection)
• UXO (detection of unexploded objects)
• Supervision in construction of marine facilities and communications

Airborne survey

Airborne surveys

• Airborne survey
• Airborne gravity survey
• Airborne gammaspectrometry
• Integrated airborne geophysical surveys


Electrical surveys

• Magnetotelluric sounding
• Audio-magnetotelluric sounding
• Electrotomography
• Electric resistivity and IP survey
• Electrometry for engineering surveys and study of archeological sites

Gravity and Magnetic Surveys

Gravity and magnetic surveys

• High accuracy gravimetric surveys including transition and offshore zones
• High accuracy gravimetric observations over seismic lines
• Study of morphology of salt-dome structures and intrusive massifs
• Identification of geological structures potential for oil and gas
• Modeling of salt top and basement
• Identification and mapping of metamorphism and faulty zones
• Identification of anomalous effects from oil and gas reservoirs

Engineering Surveys

Engineering surveys

• Engineering-geodetic activities
• Engineering-geological surveys (including engineering-geotechnical and geophysical surveys)
• Engineering and hydro-meteorological surveys

Subsoil monitoring

Subsoil monitoring

• High accuracy satellite observations (periodical and continuous)
• Leveling of higher accuracy, II class
• High accuracy gravimetric measurements
• Analysis of radiolocation survey data with synthesized aperture (InSAR)
• Continuous seismologic monitoring
• Establishment and construction of fundamental geodetic and geophysical stations
• Development of programs and issue of reports on subsoil status monitoring

Geological Geophysical Activities

Geological Geophysical Activities

• Field geological and geophysical surveys with use of advanced geophysical and geodetic equipment in various physical and geographical conditions to find a wide range of solutions from deep geological mapping to forecast-evaluation work.
• Creation of massifs of digital geophysical data and volumetric physical and geological models.
• Study of geological structure of sedimentary basins and ore provinces.
• Detection of geological structures potential for oils, gas, and solid mineral resources.
• Study of archeological sites.



• Study of geological structure of the earth crust at depths to many hundreds kilometers in fundamental geophysics.
• Electrical survey in study at depths from first tens meters to first tens kilometers.
• Prospecting and exploration of solid mineral deposits:
ore: uranium, nickel, copper, platina, etc.;
non-metallic: phosphorous, salts, diamond (adamant), graphite, geothermal resources, ceramic raw, cnstruction materials, etc.;
fuels: coals, crude oil, gas, etc.
• Engineering-geological and hydrogeological solutions.
• Regional study of geological structures.
• Shallow more detailed surveys.

Data Interpretation

Data Interpretation

• 2D and 3D geological modeling
• Basin modeling