Geodetic Survey

Modern geodesy is a multifaceted science, which solves complex scientific, scientific-technical and engineering problems by means of special explorations performed with the help of geodesic and other devices, and consequent mathematical and graphics processing of their results.

Geodesy has a vast scientific and practical value in the most various projects of SPC GEOKEN LLP, executing both independent work (topographical survey, GIS, monitoring of deformation, etc.) and auxiliary (navigations of air and sea crafts, geodesic support of geophysical works, etc.) Some of the geodesic works are so significant that special departments have been created within a framework of the SPC GEOKEN LLP. They occupy in-depth jobs, for example engineering surveys, hemodynamic monitoring, GIS and cartography, aerial photography, etc.

Main Tasks

  • Topographical survey of various scales;
  •  Geodetic support of works construction;
  • Geodetic support of geophysical and geological works;
  • Search and survey of underground communications;
  • Executive survey;
  • 3D-laser scanning;
  • LIDAR survey;
  • Geodynamical monitoring of various objects;
  • Navigation support;
  • Supervisory services in geodesy.


SPC GEOKEN LLP uses innovative technology, up-to-date equipment, and advanced software to conduct geodetic works. The team of professionals carries out works on geodesy with high quality and in the shortest time.

Key Projects

  • 2014-2018. Construction control of the transport channel on Prorva field, quality control of bathymetric surveys and earthworks, calculation of the excavation volume;
  • 2013. Engineering and geological surveys along the surface part of the proposed pipeline route on the Buzachi half-island;
  • 2011-2013. The power increase of the Kazakhstan-China gas pipeline. Engineering-geological, engineering-geodesic, electrical works. South Kazakhstan, Zhambyl, Almaty regions;
  • 2004-2012. Full complex of geodetic support of construction works at Mr. Kashagan;
  • 2003-2004. Engineering-geodetic and engineering-geological surveys for the construction of the first line of the Kazakhstan-China gas pipeline.

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