Gravity Survey


The company SPC “GEOKEN” performs regional and prospecting, pedestrian, marine, aero-gravimetric surveys at various scales using the latest technologies and methods in gravity exploration. The company has vast experience in planning, organizing, safely performing, and delivering high-quality gravimetric results.

Main Tasks

  • Study of the morphology of salt dome structures;
  • Foundation roof modeling;
  • Identification of geological structures, the potential for oil and gas, solid minerals;
  • Identification and mapping of zones of metamorphism, discontinuous faults;
  • Geodynamic monitoring in the development of hydrocarbon deposits.

GEOKEN company’s works increase the geological informational content, depth, and accuracy of geological and predictive constructions, the effectiveness of exploration surveys.


The advantages of SPC “GEOKEN” in gravimetric studies are the use of innovative technologies while performing gravity exploration. The company has an extensive base of modern equipment necessary for the work performance of that allows performing high-precision measurements with high quality and in the shortest possible time, and also significantly reduces the cost of work.

Key Projects

  • 2022 Geophysical surveys on reference geological and geophysical profiles of the Tesipagyn area;
  • 2022 High-precision gravity survey on the Zhunbai, Urtynzhal-Shakhtnoye, Spasskiy Polygon and Kuldzhumur structures within the Spasskiy copper ore zone;
  • 2022 Complex geophysical surveys on the Dautbay area, Karagandy oblast;
  • 2022 High-precision gravity survey on the Sokyrkoi area;
  • 2021 Gravimetric studies of the area of ​​the Leontief depression. Carrying out advanced geophysical survey on sheets GMK-200;
  • 2020 Ground gravity surveys in the Shu-Sarysu sedimentary basin along the regional profile (1 geotraverse);
  • 2020 Performing detailed gravity surveys on the Dusembay area;
  • 2019 Gravimetric studies of the Samtyr site;
  • 2019 Gravimetric studies of the Kargasyn, Yeginbulak sites within the pl. Akbastau;
  • 2019 Gravimetric studies at the Veerny, Zapadno-Zhomartovsky, Yuzhno-Zhairemsky, Akkuduk Yuzhny and Arapsky sites within the Karazhal area;
  • 2018. Gravimetric studies of the Kar’yernyy site;
  • 2017. Gravitational survey of Emba, Caratulen sites;
  • 2016. Gravitational survey of the Vostochny Zhairem field;
  • 2016. Gravitational survey of the sites Reef and Ushkatyn-1;
  • 2015. Gravitational survey of the Uzunzhal deposit;
  • 2014-2015. Ground and aerogravity survey for ASE -200;
  • 2013. Gravitational survey in the Zakhatsor site;
  • 2012. Gravitational survey at the Temir site;
  • 2010-2011. Gravimagnetic survey prospecting of the Kazakhstan sector of the Caspian Sea;
  • 2010. Gravimetric survey on S.Nurzhanov deposit., Western Prorva, and its adjacent territory;
  • 2009. Marine gravity magnetometry of the Zhambyl site;
  • 2007. Liman site, the floodplain of the Ural River;
  • 2006. Marine gravity magnetometry of the Kurmangazy site.

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