• Experience in QINSy, HydroPRO, EIVA, PDS navigation software; skills in setting up navigation software and equipment;
• Higher education, geodesy;
• Work experience on offshore projects at least 3 years.
• English – above average.

• (Multibeam echo sounder (MBE) data processor);
• Requirements: Geodesy education; work experience on offshore projects not less than 3 years; experience in navigational software QINSy, HydroPRO, EIVA, PDS; experience in MBE data processing).
knowledge of :
• ArcGIS, MapINFO, AutoCAD, Corel Draw, PhotoShop, Surfer;
• English – above average.
• Cartography (development and editing of digital maps);
• Working with databases (creating and editing layers, domains subtypes and similar);
• Modelling of processing.

Mechanic/Electrical Mechanic/Diesel Technician/Barge Master
• Experience with hydraulic controls and diesel generators.

HSE Manager
key skills are as follows:
• HSE management;
• Development and implementation of HSE documentation according to the Government and Client requirements in Russian and English languages (safety and work procedures, HSE management plans, emergency response plans, etc.);
• Conduction of HSE audits, ISO internal audits on ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 45001;
• HSE supervision;
• HSE statistical issues and monitoring;
• Incidents investigation and reporting;
• Hazard identification, risk assessment and control measures development;
• PTW obtaining;
• STOP Cards issue and registration, Development of STOP Cards Registers;
• Conduction of HSE inductions, HSE Meetings, Toolbox talks, Lessons&Learn sessions, Drills and Exercises;
• Kazakh/russian – perfect, English – above average

Geologist/hydrogeologist (geotechnician)
• Higher education;
• Experience not less than 5 years;
• Experience in the work in the field: drilling of engineering-geological (geotechnical) wells, sampling, field documentation, СРТ/РСРТ (execution, processing, analysis), work planning, analysis of laboratory results, drawing up reports on engineering-geological/geotechnical surveys.
• English language skills necessary for office work, technical reporting and negotiations

Lead Geophysicist/Geophysicist (logging)
• Carry out gravity surveying, magnetic surveying, electrical surveying;
• Carry out processing and interpretation of geophysical data;
• Drawing up final geological and geophysical reports;
• Higher education in Geology/Geophysics, Prospecting and Exploration of Mineral Deposits;
• Experience in performing ground electrical surveys (MTS, TEM, DES-IP);
• Experience in well logging;
• knowledge of VULCAN software package;
• Electrical engineering knowledge, knowledge of programming and setting up of logging equipment;
• Knowledge of ArcGIS, MapINFO, AutoCAD, Corel Draw, PhotoShop, Surfer graphic and geophysical software and equipment;
• Experience not less then 5 years.
• Cartography (development and editing of digital maps);
• Working with databases (creating and editing layers, domains subtypes and similar);
• Modelling of processing.

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