Policy of SPC GEOKEN in the field of quality

SPC GEOKEN carries out its activities at a high professional level in the areas of geological and geophysical works, engineering surveys and other activities, and strives for maximum customer satisfaction through continuous monitoring and efficient organization of business processes using years of experience and modern technologies.

For this purpose we promise::

  • To constantly improve the quality of our services for the greatest satisfaction of our customers and the development of long-term relationships;
  • To maintain scientific and technical communications with manufacturers of instruments, equipment, software, and scientific centers;
  • To provide a high level of business culture and performing discipline;
  • To comply with the norms and requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, international, state, industry standards and norms related to the activities of SPC GEOKEN;
  • To train our employees, help them to improve and develop their potential, use their experience;
  • To constantly improve the integrated management system.

Policy of SPC GEOKEN in the field of labor protection and safety measures

The company gives high priority to issues of requirements implementation of health, safety and environmental management systems (HSEMS) in relation to its employees and also those who is affected by their operations, ensures that the system is in working condition.

  Priority order for goals achievement:

  • life and health protection;
  • environmental protection;
  • property protection.

The main goal of the Company is not to prevent operational injuries and deteriorations of health. The rules have been drawn up and put into effect at all workplaces, the fulfillment of which is mandatory for all categories of workers. We will use the best efforts for unconditional implementation of the Customer requirements in the field of safety, industrial health, and safety on all sites of activity.

The management of the Company is fully responsible for HSEMS, provides employees with everything necessary to fulfill the tasks of HSEMS, conducts periodic performance monitoring and constantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the HSEMS system functioning.

The company constantly conducts personnel training and testing of knowledge necessary to ensure HSEMS.

The monitoring of policy implementation, timely analysis of goals and continuous improvement are carried out by the management of the Company headed by General Director.

Environmental policy of SPC GEOKEN

SPC GEOKEN seeks to maximize the needs of its customers with minimal environmental impact.

All types of the Company’s activities are carried out in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regulatory documents in the field of the environment and, if necessary, EIA projects.

The company will present its environmental policy to all its Customers and partners. The environmental policy has been reported and implemented for each employee of the Company. Copies will be available to staff and public at every office.

The ecological policy of our Company is aimed at identifying ecological aspects related to production activities, increasing environmental safety and minimizing the negative impact of harmful production factors on the environment.

The main ways of implementing ecological policy are:

  • Duties of all employees of the Company have included points on environmental protection;
  • Constant control of considerable ecological aspects by the management of the Company;
  • Implementation of activity within the frameworks of annually authorized emissions allowed by public authorities;
  • Reduction of production wastes formation and ensuring their safe handling;
  • Ensuring timely recycling and land reclamation in accordance with legal requirements;
  • Regularly carry out the analysis of management system effectiveness by the environment taking into account the feedback from all Company levels and also external feedback and audit results;
  • Creation of all conditions for checking of actions performance for environmental protection by supervisory authorities and public;
  • Taking measures to prevent and eliminate the emergencies leading to negative ecological consequences;
  • Continuous improvement of an ecological situation in connection with the production activity;
  • Ensuring the health protection and safety of personnel and population;
  • Revision, adjustment, and improvement of the Company environmental policy, when necessary;
  • Realization control of environmental policy is carried out by the management of the Company headed by the general director.

Realization of environmental policy will allow:

  • To reduce the negative impact on the environment;
  • To increase the Company’s competitiveness in the external and internal markets;
  • To increase the capitalization of the enterprise and its investment attractiveness;
  • To increase the level of social responsibility of SPC GEOKEN LLP.

The main goals of SPC GEOKEN НПЦ Геокен

  • Не допускать случаев производственного травматизма, ухудшения здоровья персонала;• To prevent occupational injuries, deterioration of staff health;
  • To recognize existing hazards in advance, assess risks, environmental aspects and maintain them at an acceptable level;
  • To comply with statutory and regulatory requirements;
  • To meet the requirements of customers, society and personnel of the Company for occupational safety and with minimal impact on the environment;
  • To act as a warning tool and risk-orienting thinking;
  • To carry out its activities at a high professional level in the areas of geological and geophysical works, engineering surveys and other activities;
  • To strive to meet the needs of customers on the basis of continuous monitoring, improvement and efficient organization of business processes with the involvement of highly qualified personnel, using many years of experience and modern technology.