SPC GEOKEN has highly qualified staff. The company employs both employees with extensive experience (over 20-30 years) and young professionals. The company regularly conducts advanced training courses for its employees and organizes training under the guidance of leading specialists of manufacturing companies and hardware and software systems and technologies developers. Specialists of the company have been trained by methodology and techniques of works using magnetometers and gravimeters, electrical exploration systems, data processing and interpretation systems (MagLog, MagMap, MagPick, Oasis Montaj Geosoft, Koskad, SIGMA 3D, etc.), sea survival (BOSIET) and safe operations with hydrogen sulfide.

Cooperation of SPC GEOKEN with the leading higher education institutions of the CIS within the framework of employees’ professional development.

Employees of SPC GEOKEN successfully complete programs of training:

  • in master degree MSc;
  • in МBA;
  • take scientific-research training within studying in Ph.D. doctoral studies;
  • graduate bachelor degrees in the Wuhan University (China), University Dundee (Scotland), the Heriot-Watt University (Great Britain), Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia), the KIMEP University (Kazakhstan), the KBTU University (Kazakhstan), Nazarbaev University (Kazakhstan), Kaspian University and others.

Cooperation of SPC GEOKEN with higher education institutions of the CIS in the framework of granting places provision of places for practical training.

SPC GEOKEN provides an opportunity for students of universities in CIS in the form of providing places for practical training to demonstrate their potential and level of knowledge. Students-trainees have an opportunity not only participate in various geophysical, aero and marine surveys but also to be familiarized with the techniques of processing and interpreting data using advanced software systems owned by SPC GEOKEN.

Professional development of young specialists

СMiddle age of staff in SPC GEOKEN — 30 years. Young employees are graduates of a master degree and Ph.D. students of the leading higher education institutions of the country. Total of articles issued in scientific publications including with various index of quoting (impact-factor) in the last two years – 26.

Our publications

Results of production projects are covered in the leading scientific-research magazines and materials of various conferences, symposiums, etc. The most significant of them are:

  • Symposium of the International Association for Geodesy (St. Petersburg, Russia);
  • International Scientific and Practical Conference dedicated to the innovative development of the oil and gas complex of Kazakhstan (Aktau, Kazakhstan);
  • International Scientific and Practical Conference “Problems and Prospects for the Development of the Geological Cluster” (St. Petersburg);
  • Annual scientific-practical conference of the European Society of Geophysics (EAGE) (St. Petersburg, Russia), etc.

Publication of scientific literature

Employees of SPC GEOKEN are the authors of methodical instructions, recommendations, educational and methodological complexes and teaching aids for specialists of the geological and geophysical industry.


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