Electrical Exploration in Bolivia

By the order of NOC Bolpegas SRL (Bolivia), SPC Geoken LLP (Kazakhstan) in cooperation with OOO North-West (Russian Federation) started executing electrical exploration in the south and southwest of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Latin America. Magnetotelluric survey by MTS and AMTS methods is conducted to study the geological structure of the region in order to identify potentially productive zone of gas accumulation.

Aero-Geophysical Surveys in India

SPC Geoken LLP and Geological Survey of India (GSI) have signed Memorandum of Agreement on January 17, 2017, to carry out “Multisensor Aero-Geophysical Surveys over Obvious Geological Potential and its Adjoining Areas”. This global project of the Ministry of Mines, GSI, which has national significance, for three years and covers approximately 813,000 square kilometers split into 12 blocks. Magneto-gradiometry and spectrometric surveys are planned for an area of 206,000 square …