Happy Geologist’s Day!

Happy Geologist’s Day! We wish you good health, strength and patience in your work, great success and wonderful ideas in life. To know where to look, and always find what you need. And may love, luck, friendship and hope always be with you.

Happy Nauryz!

Dear friends, GEOKEN SPC LLP cordially congratulates you on the vernal equinox. Let every day of awakening spring, every ray of sunshine bring happiness, prosperity and confidence in tomorrow into your home!

Happy New Year!

Dear colleagues, Happy New Year! We wish you a good health, professional achievement, peace and prosperity. May good fortune be with you in New Year! With regards, SPC GEOKEN team

Happy Constitution Day!

Dear friends, we congratulate you on the national holiday, Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Constitution is the fundamental law of our country, leading it to development and prosperity. The current Constitution of Kazakhstan, adopted at a national referendum on August 30 in 1995, consolidated the state sovereignty of the Republic, the democratic principles of society and power, determined the direction of development of the country and became …

Happy Capital Day of Kazakhstan!

Dear fellow citizens! We congratulate you heartily on the Capital Day of RoK – Nur-Sultan! In 1998, the first President, Nursultan Nazarbayev, approved the decision of the Kazakhstan Supreme Council on the celebration of the Capital Day, which was adopted in 1994. Today, Nur-Sultan is a promising, ambitious and modern city, a finest jewel of the Republic. May good success and prosperity to attend you!

ASV EchoBoat

Unmanned Systems at Sea!

To perform hydrographic surveys in shallow water or in remote places, where there is no way to go through a shooting ship, the SPC GEOKEN LLP uses the ASV EchoBoat as an unmanned system for the first time. The device is equipped with a modern PicoMB Multibeam echo sounder (MBE), Starfish HBO system and Applanix GPS inertial navigation system. The introduction of the bathymetric marine survey technology with the use …