Happy Kazakhstan People’s Unity Day!

Happy Kazakhstan People’s Unity Day! Friendship, solidarity, strong family ties, national unity are the key to peace and prosperity in our multinational country. We are representatives of different nationalities and religions, but only together we are united and strong!

С днем геолога

Happy Geologist Day!

Dear Colleagues! We sincerely congratulate you on your professional holiday – the Day of the Geologist. May you and your families have good health, happiness. We wish you interesting expeditions and safe business trips, fruitful work, success and fulfillment of the set goals!



Dear friends! The company SPC “GEOKEN” congratulates you on the wonderful spring holiday of renewal – NAURYZ! May joy, comfort and hope come to your life along with the warmth of spring. We wish you health and goodness, love and peace, sunny mood.

8 марта

Happy Women’s Day

Dear Ladies, we congratulate you on International Women’s Day! On this wonderful holiday, we wish you only positive emotions, real happiness, success in everything and good health. May you always be surrounded by loving, kind, respectful and caring people!

Happy New Year

Dear colleagues, partners, friends! SPC GEOKEN LLP warmly congratulates you on new opportunities, new horizons in development, that coming with the New Year! We sincerely wish you happiness, health, creative, working and emotional growth, excellent mood and implementation of the planned projects.

Happy Oil and Gas Workers Day!

Dear colleagues, partners, friends! SPC GEOKEN LLP team sincerely congratulates you on your professional holiday, the Day of Oil and Gas Industry Workers! We wish you unflagging strength, good health, family well-being, success in work and achieving your goals!

Happy Constitution Day!

Dear compatriots! The staff of SPC GEOKEN LLP warmly congratulates you on the Constitution Day of our country! We sincerely wish you strong health, harmony and stability. May happiness and prosperity be in every family.

Happy Defender Of The Fatherland Day!

Dear Kazakhstanis, we congratulate you on the Defender of the Fatherland Day! We wish you a peaceful life, clean sky and health. Let your strength grow, your skills and abilities multiply, and your achievements exceed all expectations. Let the people around you be happy, the family gives strength and inspiration, the work brings the desired fruits. Wish you courage, strength of spirit and good luck!