Unmanned Systems at Sea!

ASV EchoBoat

To perform hydrographic surveys in shallow water or in remote places, where there is no way to go through a shooting ship, the SPC GEOKEN LLP uses the ASV EchoBoat as an unmanned system for the first time. The device is equipped with a modern PicoMB Multibeam echo sounder (MBE), Starfish HBO system and Applanix GPS inertial navigation system.
The introduction of the bathymetric marine survey technology with the use of ASV was successfully carried out by the Company in the Bautino port, Mangistau region, and in the city of Almaty, on the territory of the “8 Lakes” complex. Underwater work performed in automatic and manual mode. The course of practical application of the system, skills of planning and executing work in the field were obtained and consolidated, and data were processed and evaluated in the field.