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The Company is a member of International Association of Geophysical Contractors (IAGC), We attach paramount importance to the safety issues, occupational safety, health and environmental protection in respect of the work undertaken. Safety first!

Licenses & IMS

С 2004 года В НПЦ «Геокен» внедрена и успешно функционирует международная интегрированная система менеджмента. В феврале 2016г. ежегодный инспекционный аудит подтвердил соответствие ИСМ Компании международным стандартам и стандартам Республики Казахстан.


We work on land, at sea and in the air. The company conducts regular training courses under the guidance of leading experts of companies – the manufacturers and developers of hardware and software systems and technologies.

About Us

GEOKEN SPC, a service company, provides a wide range of geological and geophysical, scientific/specific and engineering exploration surveys ensured by highly qualified personnel and most advanced equipment, technologies and tools.


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Happy Constitution Day!


Dear Compatriots! We congratulate you with one of the most important holidays of our country – Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan! The Constitution became a guarantor of the…

сбор аэрогеофизических данных

Airborne geophysical data acquisition for the Rio Tinto company was completed.


SPC Geoken successfully completed airborne geophysical survey on the Balkhash-Saryshagan site of the Karagandy region, under order of the largest Australian-British concern Rio-Tinto within the framework of implementation of investment…

astana day

Happy Capital Day!


Dear compatriots, accept sincere congratulations on the occasion of the Day of our Capital! Today prosperous Astana is a symbol of independence and pride of our state. Astana is a…


Reference letters

  • Reference Letter

    By this letter, our company “Akpan” LLP expresses gratitude to SPC Geoken LLP for qualitative execution in 2015 in surface geophysical research, such as electro research and magnetic research on Becksais field, located in Aktobe, Chromtau and Aitekebi regions.
    With full responsibility we can recommend SPC Geoken as a reliable and long-term partner. Working with SPC Geoken quite a long period we would like to underline high level of professionalism of the team, compliance with all obligations and culture of daily business communication.

    «Akpan» LLP CEO                        A. Dushekenov                     21.12.15

    - «Akpаn» LLP
  • Reference Letter

    By this letter, our company expresses gratitude to SPC Geoken LLP for qualitative execution in 2014 of bathymetry and magnetometric surveys along projected cargo & transport channel to Prorva in Northern Part of the Caspian Sea, including surveying with Multi Beam and Single Beam Echo Sounders, Marine Magnetometer, processing and interpretation of acquired data (General Client ГСО company, FGP project).
    With full responsibility we can recommend SPC Geoken as a reliable and long-term partner. Working with SPC Geoken quite a long period we would like to underline high level of professionalism of the team, compliance with all obligations and culture of daily business communication.
    Considering our long-term collaboration experience, we recommend SPC Geoken Company as highly professional and reliable partner in rendering bathymetric, magnetometric and tiydrographic survey services.

    Executive Director “КАРЕ” LLP                          A.M. Autoreiv                 Feb 25. 2015

    - КАРЕ LLP
  • Reference Letter

    By this letter N Operating Company LLP advises that SPC Geoken LLP had rendered navigational service during rig move on the route Russian sector of the Caspian Sea -N Block, Kazakhstan sector of the Caspian Sea and Astra rig positioning at planned AR-1 well location with the use of navigation and positioning systems.
    SPC Geoken LLP had proved itself to be a reliable contractor. Working with SPC Geoken for a quite long period we would like to mention high level of professionalism of the team, compliance with all obligations and daily business communication culture.

    General Director B.Amakulov Mar 11. 2015

    - N Operating Company LLP
  • Reference Letter

    Hereby, our company expresses gratitude to SPC Geoken LLP for rendered supervisor services during execution of engineering-geological investigations before construction of Zhambyl #1 (ZB-1) and Zhetysu #1 (ZT-1) exploration wells.
    We would like to note the high professional level of supervisors in work coordination of all agencies and service companies involved into execution of engineering-geological investigations.
    Offshore production-methodological supervision of engineering-geological investigations was carried out with the usage of up-to-date methods and technologies.
    Making suggestions to the Client as per changes in technical specification promoted speeding-up and economy of the operation process complying with production safety and HSE rules.
    Considering our collaboration experience, we recommend SPC Geoken LLP as high professional partner in rendering services on engineering-geological investigations and control for their execution.

    Acting General Director Kh.Yelevsinov Feb 20. 2012

    - Zhambyl Petroleum LLP
  • Reference Letter

    SPC Geoken LLP as per order of CMOC B.V. in 2010 – 2011 executed offshore geophysical pipeline and well sites surveys, including analogue and digital surveys and Unexploded Ordinances (UXO) detection survey along the route of the proposed pipeline in the Kazakhstan sector of the Caspian Sea.
    In 2010 SPC Geoken LLP as per order of CMOC B.V. successfully performed operations on navigational support and positioning of MODUs and associated surveys ensuring safe movement of the MODU within Kazakhstan sector of the Caspian Sea.
    In 2011 the services on positioning of the Environmental vessel and magnetic survey along the route of the proposed pipeline were performed.
    From our collaboration we can note that the key priorities in SPC Geoken’s operations are the obligatoriness, punctuality and high quality.
    Using this opportunity, we would like to thank the managers and executors of SPC Geoken for high-quality of work execution, competent use of up-to-date technology and efficient elimination of all problems during the fulfillment of geophysical surveys, as well as for prompt fulfillment of all obligations.

    General Director A. Shapabayev                                                                             Dec 14. 2011

    - CMOC_B.V.

    Subject: Airborne magnetic and radiometric survey on Tortkuduk and Muyunkum ore deposits (Republic of Kazakhstan) for Katco JV LLP mining company in 2014.

    I undersign, Anne-Laure TENSI, Geophysicist, certify that GEOKEN conducted on behalf of KATCO JV LLP an airborne magnetic and radiometric survey over a large block on KATCO JV LLP licenses.
    The campaign consisted of a survey on one large block covering a total surface of 1184 km² at a line spacing of 500 m and two smaller blocks covering a surface of 45 km² each over Muyunkum and Tortkuduk ore deposit areas at a line spacing of 250 m (Southern Kazakhstan Province – Republic of Kazakhstan). The campaign was conducted between October and November 2014.

    GEOKEN prepared the preliminary data for the survey, the airborne survey (including all permission and dispensations requests from local authorities), the mobilization of the staff and of the equipment, the calibrations and airborne data acquisitions. GEOKEN also supplied data quality controls, corrected data, intermediate and final products as well as all means of operation and maintenance necessary to complete the services as specify in the contract.

    A constructive dialogue was established with GEOKEN during all the survey and the processing of the data. Communications were exchanged through: i) progress reports (during the airborne surveys), ii) preliminary reports and iii) final report. We also noted the professionalism of GEOKEN staff that was keen to do the work in compliance with safety standards imposed by Katco and AREVA Mines and repeated flights to meet specifications defined in the contract. All documents and results were provided in the contract requirements.
    For all these reasons, AREVA Mines recommends GEOKEN without any restrictions.

    Paris, November the 26th, 2015.

    Anne-Laure TENSI

  • Maersk Oil Kazakhstan GmbH has been working with Scientific Production Center “Geoken” from year 2011. Our cooperation started from developing Geodinamic Monitoring Program for Dunga field, and construction of geodynamic polygon.

    In 2014-2015 Geoken carried out geodynamic survey on the Dunga field, including II class levelling survey, high-precision GNSS observations and gravimetric measurements twice a year. Currently geodynamic monitoring works are ongoing.

    All field measurments have been made using high-precision hardware and software package that includes automated gravity meters CG5 Autograv, digital level equipment Leica DNA03, multifrequency receivers Trimble R7 and R5, high-precision antenna of GNSS and GNSS-Ti Choke Ring type, specialized software packages Trimble Business Center, Topcon Tools, ArcGIS, MapINFO, Surfer, Grapher and others.

    All the above, as well as professional skills of Geoken specialists, compliance with requirements and work instructions have ensured accuracy of field observations within the limits allowed for geodynamic survey.

    In February – March 2016, Geoken performed geotechnical survey on the Dunga field for construction of oil field facilities at two lacations. The works are done in full within best delivery time and at professional level, and delivred the works according to the schedule defined by Maersk Oil Kazakhstan Gmbh.

    During our joint work, Geoken showed itself as a partner who sticks to the principles of quality, punctuality, reliability and safety at work. We can recommend Geoken as a reliable business partner.

    Yours sincerely

    On behalf of MaerskJDil Kazakhstan GmbH

    Dauren Nurgaliyev Senior Surveyor

    - Maersk_Oil