From 24 February to 02 March 2014 at the GEOKEN SPC headquarters office there was held a course of lectures on the EIVA navigation software solution with Ian Hess, Senior Surveyor, Denmark, as a lecturer.
The course of lectures was attended by GEOKEN staff including: I.Zhunusov, A. Zolotov, R.Khussayenov, M.Paidin, Zh.Saurykov, M.Shayakhmet, A.Togaibekov, D.Baisov, Kh.Sultanov, S.Khassanov, and N.Garifolla.
The EIVA is a software solution applied in hydrography, which allows combining of a wide range of work such as navigation, data acquisition with the multiple-beam echo sounder, marine geophysical survey, positioning of drilling, engineering and construction operations in the sea.