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16 December 2016

Happy Kazakhstan Independence Day!

Dear compatriots! SPC Geoken congratulates you on the Independence Day of our multinational Republic. We wish you good health and happiness, great success in your work. Peace, progress and prosperity to our Motherland!


1 December  2016

Happy Presidents Day!

Dear citizens of Kazakhstan! SPC Geoken LLP congratulates you on the the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan!
The Day of the First President is a National Holiday, respect to the President for his outstanding contribution, the beginning of independence history of sovereign Kazakhstan. We wish him good health, prosperity and success in all endeavors for the benefit of our country - the Republic of Kazakhstan!


30 November 2016

Geokens Partnership with Helica srl and SECON Private Limited

SPC Geoken LLP signed a Memorandum of partnership with Helica srl (Italy), and SECON Private Limited (India). Under the Memorandum companies are planning jointly participate in both Kazakhstan and international projects in the field of airborne geophysical studies, including gravity, airborne magnetic, airborne-gamma spectrometric surveys, LIDAR surveys and etc. The companies also agreed on mutual exchange of experience and bringing new technologies, methods and software in order to conduct high-quality complex airborne geophysical surveys using modern aircrafts and helicopters.


30 November 2016

Cooperation with FUGRO

SPC Geoken LLP signed a Memorandum on long-term cooperation with the Austrian company FUGRO Austria GmbH. In the framework of this Memorandum, and also according to the signed Contract to perform geophysical well logging (GWL) specialists of two companies jointly started the execution of GWL works at the deposits of Kazzinc LLP. In the process, GEOKEN specialists will be trained by FUGRO experts to conduct GWL by using newest technologies at mineral deposits.


29 November 2016

Reference Letter from Korgantas LLP - Rio Tinto

The company has successfully delivered the report on completed works on ground electrical survey at Korgantas site. Electrical exploration is performed by DEZ and AMT methods. All geophysical surveys were executed on time, in accordance with the technical specifications and requirements of Rio Tinto Exploration Division on compliance and enforcement of labor protection, safety and protection of the environment and the local population. After work completion the reference letter of the Customer Korgantas LLP was received.


7 November 2016

Kashagan Offshore Operations Completed

Geoken successfully completed shallow water bathymetry works in Kashagan, KSCS and bottom anchorage survey in the seaport of Bautino for NCOC N.V.  All works were conducted in a professional manner, with high quality and in compliance with all safety requirements.


1 November  2016

ISM Seminar

The seminar-training on Conducting internal audits of integrated management systems in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 requirements was held in SPC Geoken company office. The seminar was conducted by WKF JSC «NCEC».


13 October 2016

Seminar in KAZ NRTU named after K.I. Satpayev

In October 12-13, 2016 SPC Geoken LLP employees participated in scientific and production seminar held in conjunction with the PHOENIX Geophysics Limited (Canada) and the Geophysics Department of KAZ NRTU named after K.I. Satpayev. The seminar covered the technology and methods of MTS and AMT field surveys, processing, editing and interpretation of magnetotelluric sounding data.


5 October 2016

Electric Prospecting Works on Korgantas

Field electric prospecting works on the project Korgantas was completed under Rio Tinto company order. Electric exploration was conducted by the AMT and IP-DES methods


27 September 2016

Meeting with KazZinc Company’s Representatives

SPC Geoken LLP and KazZink LLP companies’ representatives held the productive meeting. The issues on the results of airborne geophysical survey at Vasilkovsky site and the course of joint operations on the existing projects were discussed during the meeting. The program of field experienced and methodical works applying  modern methods of geological exploration and new technologies on the Kazzink LLP ore fields of was considered.


12 September 2016

Corporate Paintball

On September 12, corporate vacation for paintball was organized. Our staff had a great time. The team game paintball gives its participants an opportunity to relieve stress, get a charge of energy and adrenaline rush.


10 September 2016

Happy Kurban Ait! Eid Mubarak!

Holy feast Kurban Ait is a symbol of peace, harmony, understanding and compassion. Congratulations on this great holiday! May your family live in peace, unity and harmony! Wish you strong health, success and prosperity!


5 September 2016

Offshore Operations it the Kashagan Field is Completed

Phase II of the bathymetric survey in Kashagan field on the KBAT project is completed. Works were executed by using a specially equipped boat - catamaran Geoken KB-1, a small vessel designed for offshore operations in transit and inaccessible areas. For bathymetric work performance the boat was equipped with hydrographic and navigation equipment. In addition, bathymetric survey of the Ural River mouth, the canal and North Caspian Environmental Oil Spills Response Base (NCERB) basin was executed.


4 September 2016

Oil and Gas Industry Workers Day!

Dear oil and gas industry workers! Accept sincere congratulations on your professional holiday! Wish you good health, success in your work for the benefit of our Motherland!


5 September 2016

Electroprospecting Work in the Korgantas Field is Completed

SPC Geoken has finished field electroprospecting works in the Korgantas site. Porphyry copper ore exploration is performed in the site. The project Korgantas is implemented by the Australian-British concern Rio Tinto.


30 August 2016

Constitution Day of the RoK!

Dear friends!
We congratulate you on the Constitution day!
The people of Kazakhstan made a historical choice for benefit of the strong constitutional, democratic and social state, having voted for the Country constitution. The main law of our country has stood the test of time and proved the viability. Thereby, Kazakhstan has the rightful place in the international community today.
Let our main values
Independence, Unity and Stability get stronger over the years. Wish you and your relatives health, peace and prosperity to our Motherland!


24 August 2016


For years of dedicated work and great personal contribution to the development of oil, gas and energy complex the company staff - Yelena Petrishcheva,  the head of GIS and Databases department and Petr Kovrizhnykh, the First Deputy of Director General were awarded by the honor certificate  and  the medal of Association  «KAZENERGY».


5 July 2016

Happy Eid!

We congratulate you on the important religious holiday of Islam Oraza-Eid, which marks the end of Ramadan. It is a holiday of mercy, unity, prosperity and nobleness. This day calls all people to the mercy and kindness.


4 July 2016

Field works in the Karaganda region are completed

Completed electrical prospecting survey works by VES and NTES (TEM) methods in the Karaganda region. Field investigations by NTES (TEM) method are executed by using TEM-Fast system with the data processing and production of the inversion models.


9 June  2016

Phase I of the KBAT Project Successfully Completed

Phase I of the bathymetric survey in the Kashagan field on the KBAT project is
successfully completed. The survey has been executed at the high professional level, in compliance with all safety requirements. Geoken team achieved a productivity record of executing bathymetric survey in the shallow water of the Caspian Sea.


6 June 2016


Specialists of SPC Geoken visited IV International exhibition of weapons system and military equipment KADEX-2016, which was held from 2 to 5 June 2016 in Astana. There were demonstrated the latest developments of military-industrial sector.


1 June 2016

Feld work on the site Almaly in Karaganda oblast was completed.

Feld work on the site Almaly in Karaganda oblast was completed. Complex geophysical works were executed through precision magnetic survey, electrical prospecting IP-DES methods. The contract area of Saryarka Resources Capital LLP.


9 May 2016

Rafting on Ili River

SPC Geoken team has celebrated the May holidays by going water rafting on the Ili River - the largest river of Zhetysu.

may 9

9 May 2016

With the Victory Day!

We congratulate you on the Victory of the Great Patriotic War! We wish to all veterans and witnesses of those days, health and happiness, and for their children and generation the peace sky over the head! Be pride of the family, the People!

may 7

7 May 2016

Motherland Defenders Day!

Dear Sirs! We congratulate you on the motherland defenders day! We wish you more energy, courage and  good health for many years!

may 1

1 May 2016

The Day of Unity of Kazakhstan People!

SPC Geoken congratulates you on the Day of Unity of Kazakhstan People! We wish wellbeing to your families, happiness, harmony and prosperity, for the bright future of our country!


24 April 2016

Almaty Marathon "Courage to be the First!"

On April 24, 2016 the V Annual Almaty Marathon was held under the slogan "Courage to be the first!". SPC Geoken employees took part in Ekiden marathon relay race for the Marathon distance that equals to 42k 195m is divided into 6 relay parts: 5k – 10k –5k – 10k – 5k – 7.195k
Also, Geoken employees took part in single race for the distance of 21 km.


15 April  2016

IV Symposium of the International Association of Geodesy (IAG)

On April 12-15, 2016 the 4th International Symposium of the Association of Geodesy (IAG) on “Terrestrial Gravimetry: Static and Mobile Measurements on static and mobile” (TG - SMM 2016) was held in St. Petersburg, Russia.
On the Symposium SPC Geoken presented the report "The experience of GRAVIMETRY in the mountain region of Kazakhstan".


11 April 2016

On Awarding with Medal «Мұнай-Газ Кешенін ДамыТуға Қосқан Үлесі Үшін» (For Contribution to the Development of Oil and Gas Complex)

The Chairman of the supervisory board of SPC Geoken Bissenbay Shagirov is awarded with the medal of the Minister of Energy of the RoK «Мұнай-газ кешенін дамытуға қосқан үлесі үшін» (For contribution to the development of oil and gas complex) for his contribution to development of oil and gas industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


3 April 2016

The Geologist Day!

Dear colleagues! We congratulate you and your collective on the Geologist Day! We wish high achievements and new discoveries. May your life will be filled with bright days, big events and love of relatives!


30 March 2016

First Aid Training

In March, 2016 field workers of SPC Geoken were trained on first-aid treatment of the 1st , 2nd  and 3rd  levels


22 March 2016

Happy Nauryz !

We congratulate you on the Holiday Nauryz! The Nauryz is a  holiday of spring and the renewed life of the Earth. Wish you good health, progress in work, wellbeing and prosperity!


8 March 2016

Happy Women's Day March 8!

Dear women!
SPC Geoken congratulate you on the International Women's Day, the 8th of March.
We wish you good luck, love and career growth.


23 February 2016

Prequalification Audit by Rio Tinto!

On February 23, 2016  the representatives of the Australian-British concern Rio Tinto have coducted prequalification audit of the company readiness for the field electroprospecting works-2016 at the SPC Geoken production base Zhetigen. During the audit the equipments existence, motor transport readiness and HSE issues have been discussed.


18 February 2016

Seminar "Modern Methods of Complexing Geophysical Methods  in the Survey of Kazakhstani Oil and Ore Fields"

On February 18, 2016 in Caspian University, Almaty the seminar "Modern Methods of Complexing Geophysical Methods  in the Survey of Kazakhstani Oil and Ore Fields" was held. The seminar was held by M. Dzhukebayev, the head of geologic-geophysical and thematic study Department.


8 February 2016

Electric Prospecting by RIP, CAMT and TEM Methods.

For the first time in Kazakhstan, in 2016 Geoken plans to perform test and production electroprospecting works with the RIP, CAMT and TEM methods. Electroprospecting works have provided to perform exploration by the latest methods with application of a modern hardware complex, with the subsequent data processing and 2D and 3D construction of inversion models. Results of geophysical works will allow to include the RIP, CAMT and TEM methods to the complex of methods of electroprospecting for survey, investigation and additional appraisal of ore fields.


4 February 2016

The book "Oil and Gas Basins of Kazakhstan and Prospects for their Development" is published.

The public association "Kazakh Society of Oil Geologists", has published the book Oil and gas basins of Kazakhstan and prospects for their development". The book is dedicated to the 35th International Geological Congress in the Republic of South Africa, Cape Town. The book contains articles of the leading scientists and famous geologists of Kazakhstan and other countries about a geological structure and oil and gas prospects of all fifteen basins of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including article
"INNOVATIVE METHODS OF COLLECTING, PROCESSING AND INTERPRETATION OF GEOPHYSICAL DATA AT STUDYING THE OIL-AND-GAS CONTENT OF PERI-CASPIAN DEPRESSION AND ADJACENT AREAS", prepared by the results of the airborne magnetic and offshore gravity-magnetic survey of SPC Geoken LLP which has covered entire territory of the Kazakhstani part of Peri-Caspian Depression and the water area of the Kazakhstani sector of the Caspian Sea.


22 January 2016

Training on land laser scanning system operating

From 14 to January 22, 2016 in Atyrau SPC Geoken specialists completed profile course on the laser Trimble TX8 scanner operating, and operation with the software for creation of 3D models according to laser scanning from ClearEdge 3D (EdgeWise and Geomagic Design X).

IAGSA 2016 Geoken

2 January 2016

Membership in IAGSA 2016 is confirmed

SPC Geoken’s Membership in the International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association (IAGSA) for 2016 is confirmed.


1 January 2016

Happy New Year!

SPC Geoken wishes  you creative plans, achieving of goals, great success and interesting projects in New Year! May New Year will bring you and your relatives good luck, wellbeing and happiness!

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