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Successful corporate training on “Processing and analysis of gamma-spectrometric survey data, SW Praga 4”

From December 23-25, 2014, 10 employees of the Company have completed training on “Processing and analysis of gamma- spectrometric survey data using program module Praga 4”.
The training was conducted using actual field data of automotive and airborne spectrometric survey conducted by  SPC Geoken LLP.


19 November 2014

GISs Day

On the 19- th of November, 2014 the whole world celebrated an international day of geographical information system (GIS). The department of GIS and DB is initiator of this event celebrating.
Assembled in the conference room employers were represented a presentation about achievements and development of the company in the field of geoinformation technology. At the end of the event all audience were entertained to traditional cake of GIS.
Geoken Company congratulates all of you with celebration!


10 November 2014

Airborne Geophysical Works

The field stage of airborne geophysical survey (magnetic and gamma spectrometry) has been successfully completed over the Muyunkum deposit in South Kazakhstan within Sozak District,by order of Kazakh-French JV "KATCO".


27 October 2014

Complex Aerogeophysical Works

Completed field stage of complex airborne geophysical works
(magnetic and gamma spectrometry) over the Novodneprovsky field in Akmola Oblast, Kazakhstan, by order of “Raigorodok” Company.


22 October 2014

Regional Geological Survey, Prospecting, Evaluation and Exploration Works

The gravity and airborne geophysical works (magnetic and gamma spectrometry) have been finished over the Seletinsky, Esilsky, Stepnoi, Karaganda sites. These works are part of “Conducting Advanced Airborne Geophysical Survey on Additional Site Exploration (ASE)-200 for 2014-2016” project ordered by the  State Agency “The Committee of Geology of the Ministry of Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.


27 September 2014

Electrical Exploration

The electrical exploration works using dipole electrical sounding have been completed over the Tolep and Baynisai sites at Yubileynoye area of Mugalzhar District in Aktobe region, Kazakhstan.


12 September, 2014

Complex airborne geophysical works are

For the first time in FSU, “SPC “Geoken” LLP has installed and tested at Cessna  208-B the latest modern equipment for complex airborne geophysical survey:  aerogammaspectrometry, aeromagnetic  gradiometry, airborne gravity survey. At the present time production works are in progress.


20 August, 2014

New vacancies

Due to the increasing works
scope for the period from August to November 2014 year, company recruits geophysicists, geodesists, geologists. Applicants may apply to the HR department of company or via feedback of the site.


25 July 2014

Complex Geophysical Works

Implemented complex geophysical works over the Baitemir
, Beschoku - Kotansor sites in Eastern Kazakhstan. These surveys were performed using highly-precise ground magnetics, auto gamma spectrometry and dipole electrical sounding methods.


July 2-4, 2014

Development and introduction of the aerogammaspectrometer RSx-500.

From July 2 to July 4, 2014  company's employees   have been trained  on the subject "Development and Introduction of an Aerogammaspectrometer RSx-500 as a part of Complex Aerogeophysical Station".
Training was conducted by Vladimir Olegovich Nazarenko - the head of the technical department of GSPE "Aerogeofizika".


June 9-13, 2014

Training of auditors

Employees of the company attended and successfully completed training at the seminar: "Training of internal auditors of ISM on compliance with ISO 9001:2008,14001:2004,OHSAS 18001:20017".


June, 2014

Defence of thesis

5 engineers-geophysicists of "SPC"Geoken" were trained on the job and successfully defended their masters theses.


10 May 2014

Work completion

Sour Oil Pipeline Inspection Survey for diving works  were completed. (Period from 19 th of March till 10 th of May 2014.)
Kashagan Oilfield in the northern part of the Caspian Sea
Client: NCPOC


April 22, 2014

Domestic supplier

The company received "The certificate of the domestic supplier of works and services". The Certificate is granted subject to the carried out expertize by association of legal entities "Association of participants of purchases".


11 April 2014

PETROLEUM about us

In the April edition of Petroleum, an analytical journal there was published the article:  lt “High accuracy innovative airborne magnetic survey of the Precaspian depression, authors: L.Kiyinov, K.Iskaziyev, S.Karimov (KazMunaiGaz NC JSC, Astana), P.Kovrizhnykh, B.Shagirov (SPC Geoken LLP, Almaty).


10-11 April 2014

International scientific-practical conference “Tools and ERS (Earth remote sensing) technologies from space in science, education and business”

The scientific-practical conference “ERS technologies and tools from space in science, education and business” organized by Scanex company in association with the National Mineral Raw University was held on 10-11 April 2014 in Saint-Petersburg.
At conference plenary sessions the following topics were discussed:
Operational satellite monitoring focused on scientific and production solutions;
Satellite survey for subsoil management needs;
ERS technologies to solve regional targets of monitoring;
ERS technologies in subsoil use;
Application of advanced technologies of satellite surveys in universities; etc.

At the conference GEOKEN was presented by A.Kamza and A.M.Bermukhanova. The latter was a speaker and represented the report “The radar survey as a method of the complex to study the geodynamic status of the hydrocarbons field territory”. The report received a positive feedback and good comments from the auditory.


1 April 2014

Membership in IAGSA

On 01 April 2014 GEOKEN SPC LLP became an active member of the
International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association (IAGSA), a non commercial institution supported by its members, the purpose of which is to develop safety standards devoted to improvement of safety in airborne geophysical surveys.
In November 1995, owing to support of several global airborne geophysical companies, IAGSA was officially registered as an institution dealing with development of safety standards and procedures in the airborne gephysical industry.


31 March - 2 April 2014

MINEX Central Asia Forum  

From 31 March to 2 April 2014 our company participated in the MINEX Central Asia Forum.

The MINEX Central Asia Forum is one of the most remarkable international events in the Central Asia, where all parties of interest are able to discuss potential perspectives of the innovation course of development for the geological industry of the Central Asian countries. The Forum is an international scene to arrange business meetings and presentations devoted to matters of advanced technologies to be applied in exploration of new fields, geological data processing and interpretation, financial support attraction, establishment of technological and innovation centers on the basis of international partnerships, etc. The Forum greatly promotes development and extension of international business relationships and attraction of new investments into the mining industry of Kazakhstan and Central Asia countries.  

Over 350 leaders and specialists of the mining industry from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikistan, Mongolia, China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, France, Germany, Finland, Canada, Australia, Austria and USA participated in the MINEX Central Asia Forum 2014.   

Plenty of two-side and multiside meetings with participation of leaders of relevant Ministries and geological services of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Germany was held. In process of the meetings the servicing, geological and ivestment companies signed a number of important contracts and agreements on international cooperation.

At Forum`s business-podiums and master-classes there were presented over 70 valuable reports and presentations devoted to perspectives and problems in development of the mining industry in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Within the industry exhibition over 30 postered presentations of Kazakhstani and international companies were arranged.    

Within the Forum the MET RK, together with the National Association of Mining and Mining-Metallurgic enterprises, the National Chamber of Enterpreuneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and KazEnergy Association arranged a roundtable to discuss the matters of development and release of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Subsoil”.

In conclusion the Forum presented winners of the third international photo competition “Geologist. Miner. Metallurgist” with participation of amateur photographers represented by mining industry professionals from the Central Asia countries.   

The Forum`s materials and detailed report was published on website on 30 April 2014. The Forum participants can visit it on the reference link published in the Forum catalogue. Those, who did not participate, can also get an access upon application submission and payment.


11 - 16 March 2014

Qualification upgrading courses

On 11-16 March, professionals of the department of engineering survey and subsoil monitoring of GEOKEN SPC arranged and run the qualification upgrading courses on geodynamic monitoring at the hydrocarbons fields of Kazakhstan.

The re-training course covers two themes: “Application of gravimetry in assessment of geodynamic status of the geological environment. Technology and operational procedures of gravimetric measurements”, and “Performance of highly accurate satellite observations on geodynamic testing sites”.

The re-training programs were developed with taking into consideration the recent achievements in the hardware/software complex solutions applied in geodynamic surveys on the basis of development of associated standards (guidelines and manuals) and experience of GEOKEN SPC.  The courses included both basic lectures about concept of geodynamic monitoring and practical exercises with the most advanced hardware/software complex on geodynamic surveys.

Theoretical and practical trainings were run by leading specilists of the company: A.Zh.Togaibekov (the course on GPS observations), Ye.Kalen, G.K.Umirova (course on gravimetric measurements).
The courses were attended by specialists both of GEOKEN SPC and EcoGeoMunaiGaz, a company-partner. In total, 14 people attended the gravimetrical observation course, and 18
the GPS observations one. Upon completion of the training courses the attendees passed the testing and got relevant certificates.     


24 February - 02 March 2014


From 24 February to 02 March 2014 at the GEOKEN SPC headquarters office there was held a course of lectures on the EIVA navigation software solution with Ian Hess, Senior Surveyor, Denmark, as a lecturer.
The course of lectures was attended by GEOKEN staff including: I.Zhunusov, A. Zolotov, R.Khussayenov, M.Paidin, Zh.Saurykov, M.Shayakhmet, A.Togaibekov, D.Baisov, Kh.Sultanov, S.Khassanov, and N.Garifolla.

The EIVA is a software solution applied in hydrography, which allows combining of a wide range of work such as navigation, data acquisition with the multiple-beam echo sounder, marine geophysical survey, positioning of drilling, engineering and construction operations in the sea.


23-25 February 2014

ISM audit

On 23-25 February 2014 GEOKEN SPC had an annual audit of the management systems including ISO 9001:2008 (guality management), ISO 14001:2004 (environment control), and OHSAS 18001:2007 (assessment of professional safety and health). The auditor was The National Center of Expertise and Certification.


21 February 2014

Geosoft TM Oasis Montaj workshop

On 21 February 2014 at the GEOKEN SPC Almaty office, with kind support of AGT Systems company, there was held a workshop on application of the GeosoftTM Oasis Montaj software. Oasis Montaj today is a widely recognised global leader in sphere of development and analysis of geological and geophysical data in the exploration industry.   

The workshop was run by Gaud Pouliquen, a representative of Geosoft Europe Ltd, UK. More than 20 specialists of GEOKEN SPC had an opportunity to get answers to their questions, and, based on practical data, were informed about opportunities of VOXI Earth Modelling, a new technology of 3D gravimagnetic data geomodeling.


9 February 2014

Method and operational procedures of airborne gravimetric survey

From 1 to 9 February 2014 at the GEOKEN SPC Almaty office there was held a training course “Methodic and technical procedure of airborne gravimetry survey with GT-2AM gravimeter, quality control and post-field processing”. As a result, over 20 specialists of GEOKEN SPC upgraded their qualification in airborne gravimetry and got knowledge about GT-2AM gravimeter design, installation and calibration, as well as  field data processing aproach.   
The training was run by a representative of the company manufacturer of the GT-2AM airborne gravimetric complex.
The authors of the computer technology of the post-field processing of the data acquired with the GT-2AM airborne gravimetry complex:
S.Sh. Yurist, PhD in technical science, a leading scientist of ZAO Scientific-Technical Enterprise “Gravimetric Technologies”;
Yu.V.Bolotin, doctor of physical and mineralogical science, professor of chair of applied mathematics and management, Mechanical&Mathematical Faculty of MSU after M.V.Lomonosov; and  
A.A.Golovan, doctor of physical and mineralogical science, Head of Laboratory of Management and Navigation, Mechanical&Mathematical Faculty of MSU after M.V.Lomonosov.


17 December 2013

QPS Fledermaus professional training


From 12 to 16 December 2013 the GEOKEN SPC office had a professional training for the QPS Fledermaus (version 7.3) run by an invited consultant of HydroСharting company. 8 specialists of GEOKEN SPC successfully passed the theoretical and practical training course and got appropriate certificates.  

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